Saturday, April 17, 2010

Christmas Time 2009

My little brother loves Santa Claus. Everytime I show this picture to him, he tries to pull the camera away from me. It is very cute.

This is my Christmas Tree. I helped put decorations on it. I like the candy canes that Santa put on it because they are yummy. We got lots of presents. Me and Elliette got Mom's doll that she had when she was a little girl, and me and Elliette also got cooking dishes from Mom. We also made wrapping paper for our presents.

This is our nativity. I helped put it up. Seeing it makes me think of the past when Jesus was born. In thinking about that, it makes me feel happy because Jesus is our Savior.

We got a big screen TV for Dad for his Christmas present from all of us. We had to push our seats back to fit it in the car. It hurt us bad because we were smooshed.

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